SciScout, headquartered within minutes of Research Triangle Park, NC, provides life sciences consulting services to companies within the pharmaceutical, chemical and related industries.

James W. Lindsey, Ph.D.


Dr. James Lindsey has over fifteen years of diverse accomplishments throughout his government and corporate leadership roles. His experience brings to SciScout a high level of expertise in the fields of toxicology and chemistry. He implemented a start-up toxicology laboratory that provided in vitro drug discovery services at Cardinal Health. With Cardinal Health, he also served as manager and senior scientist of a group providing analytical chemistry services in supported of biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes at clients' facilities. Dr. Lindsey is also a former commissioned Naval officer, assigned to Naval Medical Research Institute Detachment – Toxicology, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

As a Naval officer, his accomplishments include the development of a new microdialysis and neurobehavioral toxicity assessment laboratory. As principal investigator, he led several projects that evaluated neurotoxicity of compounds of military interest. Dr. Lindsey has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a BS in Biochemistry from East
Carolina University.

He is also a certified Project Manager which is a proven invaluable asset to him and his clients and provides sound operations management and unsurpassed customer service.

Glenn D. Ritchie, Ph.D.

Senior Vice-President, Toxicology Assessment Operations

In addition to his role at SciScout, Dr. Ritchie also serves as Group Leader for Central Nervous System (CNS) Safety Pharmacology at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, OH. Most recently, Dr. Ritchie co-authored the book Toxicology of Jet Fuel which is being utilized as a reference source by the government and major oil companies. Dr. Ritchie has over 300 international publications and presentations related to neurotoxicology and neurobehavioral toxicology.

For ten years previous, he served as Senior Scientist (Neurotoxicology) and Assistant Director of the Neurobehavioral Effects Laboratory (NEL) at the US Navy/US Air Force Environmental Health Research Institute at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. In this capacity, he co-developed an 8,500 SF animal and human testing laboratory dedicated to predicting, analyzing and evaluating acute and chronic effects on warfighter performance from environmental exposure to chemicals and other stressors.

He was responsible for co-development of the Neurobehavioral Toxicity Assessment Battery (NTAB), the Neuromolecular Toxicity Assessment System (NTAS), and the Global Assessment System for Humans (GASH), three completely cross-validated testing systems for prediction of human performance deficits (or enhancements) from toxicity or pharmacological data derived from both in vitro and in vivo sources. Dr. Ritchie was involved in a number of epidemiological investigations of possible chemically-induced illness, including the Persian Gulf War Illnesses, the Childhood Leukemia Clusters at Fallon, NV and Sierra Vista, AZ, and hydrocarbon-induced health effects at USAF bases throughout the US. He served as Associate Editor of the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health for 4 years. Dr. Ritchie earned a BA in Psychology/Chemistry from Ohio Wesleyan University, an MA in Physiological Psychology/Statistics from The Ohio State University, and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience/Animal Behavior from The Ohio State University.